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An issuer must maintain a website from admission ensuring that the following minimum categories of information are made publicly available, free of charge:
• the issuer’s name;
• the name of its Corporate Adviser and other professional advisers;
• incorporation (including the company legislation to which the issuer is subject);
• directors and biographical details;
• description of its business, operations or investment strategy (in the case of an investment vehicle);
• number of securities in issue and the percentage of shares in public hands (updated at the same time as announcing information pursuant to Rule 66);
• particulars of any outstanding instruments issued by the issuer convertible into, or conferring a right to subscribe for, securities; the amount and percentage of immediate dilution assuming full exercise of rights of conversion;
• a list of substantial shareholdings and relevant percentage holdings; this information should be updated in accordance with announcements by the issuer made in accordance with Rule 42;
• regulatory announcements for the previous six months or in the case of a fast-track applicant regulatory announcements for the six months preceding admission;
• published annual reports for the previous three financial years or, if shorter, the period since incorporation;
• historic admission document relied on for admission or admission to the relevant Qualifying Market (if admitted as a fast-track applicant);
• circulars sent to shareholders within the last

(Source Nex Exchange Growth Market - Rules for issuers, Janaury 2017)